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What our partners and tourists say:


My colleagues from the main office of the DMC Katarina Line and I are very satisfied, that we had the chance to see accommodation capacities of Međimurje, as we will surely use those for future groups. We are fascinated with museums and presentations. The “Palace of tourism and the interactive display of “One day in the life of a miller” will surely be included in our programs with the rich and also partly earlier known food and wine offers. Despite being familiar with some offers, we are very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the wines, heartwarming hospitality and immediacy of hosts as well as with the adrenalin adventure park.


Katarina Line

IVO FATOVIĆ – Media Turist

I would like to thank Međimurje County Tourist Board and the True Colors travel agency for the especially well-organized study trip. It was very educational, interesting and pleasant, for which one should of course thank the personal effort and the effort of Mr. Rudi Grula as managing director of the Tourist board. What, as an experienced worker in tourism, must point out, is the fact that the destination is very enriched with many new museums and places that will undoubtedly add to the interest of Međimurje as a whole.


Media Turist

IGOR AUFHEBER - Tureta Travel

I am extremely satisfied with the tourist offer in most of Međimurje County. There is already a critical mass of beautiful and diverse accommodation facilities. In addition to spas and wellness, a quality infrastructure for cycling tourism has been developed, and there are beginnings of new offers, related to activities, along and on, rivers. There is a large number of quality wineries, very interesting restaurants and family-run farms. The Tourist Board of Međimurje County deliberately puts into function thematic visitor centers wisely dispersed throughout the county, which encourages travelers to a wider range of travel.


Tureta Travel

IVANA MALTAR - managing director of UHPA (Croatian Travel Agency Association)

Međimurje can rightfully, be listed as one of the leading destinations in innovative of the tourism offer development, The approach, based on continuous commitment to raising the level of quality, attractiveness and availability of new tourist products, sustainable development and usage of the latest technologies, positions Međimurje high on the ladder of competitiveness not only in the domestic but also in foreign tourism markets. We are especially pleased that, despite the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous new projects have been implemented that will certainly further contribute to the recognition of Međimurje as a boutique destination for unique tourist experiences.


managing director of UHPA (Croatian Travel Agency Association)