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About Međimurje, the northern gate of Croatia

In the body of Croatia, Međimurje is a heart that beats with the power of untamed rivers. It breathes with the freshness of the ends of mountain slopes and playful forest canopies. It feeds from clean fields and gardens, strengthens in beehives. It is fed by the divine saw of its vineyards, regenerated in the thermal waters that come to the surface of the earth from its deepest veins. It is a Croatian flower garden of undisturbed beauty, natural balance and cultivated community. A place of intimacy with heritage and recognition of modernity, a lively heaven of traditional continental cuisine skillfully imbued with trendy charm. Međimurje. The northern gate of Croatia which, when you open it, you bring into your heart and forever preserve your part of the beauty of the island between two rivers.

These are all the Colors of Međimurje that invite everyone to make their own watercolor.

It is good to know

The highest peak
Mohokos – 344,4 m - Pleškovec
Population per km
74 inhabitants per 1 km
Međimurje endemics
Fritillaria, small Međimurje dog - Međi, Međimurska Hen, Međimurje Horse
County Headquarters
Natural lookout point
Mađerkin breg (341m)
Gastronomic delicacies
Meat from “Tiblica”, Međimurje gibanica, Zlevanka, šiškrlin
Oenological delicacies
Wine road, Pušipel